Dear AFSS Members and Friends:

Thanks for your support over the last year!

The month of August marks our first full year of existence and we thought it might be interesting to briefly recall what AFSS has accomplished in the past twelve months as well as share with you AFSS’ future plans.

Year 1

Our First Meeting was only 5 motivated people who got together to advocate that the City of Alexandria instill a sense of urgency in implementing a Vision Zero plan.

AFSS has had an Impact!

  • Nov 2017, leveraging social media and over 1,300 signatures, AFSS urged the City Council to deliver a detailed plan, funding & accountability to implement a VZ plan.
  • Dec 2017 the City responded:
    • publishing a VZ plan with a staff & reasonable budget.
    • AFSS is now a VZ coalition partner with the City.
    • Alexandria’s Police Dept named AFSS a marketing partner for its VZ plan.
    • AFSS registered as a 501c3.
  • AFSS has received local press & TV coverage (WUSA9, NBC4)
  • Initiated educational programs at TC Williams Driver Ed classes as well as work with some of ACPS’ elementary schools regarding safe street walking practices
  • AFSS’ public outreach program that has connected with over 3,000 citizens by participating in events like National Night Out and present streets safety information at local Farmers’ Markets and Community Civic Associations
  • Introduced in July 2018 a “Near Miss” data collection feature on AFSS’ web site that allows citizens to register locations where “Near Miss” incidents are occurring.
    • By sharing such data points with the City’s street engineers and the Police Department we hope remedial action can be taken on intersections deemed high risk areas before an actual crash occurs

With your support, we’ll work to:

  • Partner in Alexandria City’s efforts to implement Vision Zero
  • Conduct outreach educational programs in our schools and at public meetings to raise awareness and promote safer street practices by drivers, pedestrians & cyclists
  • Collaborate with other Street Safety groups in the region to create a broad base of street safety constituents
  • Educate public policy makers to the benefits in changing traffic laws and penalties to encourage safe driving practices
  • Researching with other organizations on developing real time “Near Miss” data collection technology