In collaboration with the Fairfax Healthy Communities ( network, Fairfax Families for Safe Streets participated in the preparation of a questionnaire that has been sent to all candidates running for a seat on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors in 2023. We are providing the following responses to the Sustainable Transportation questions in order to help you inform your voting.

Please note that Families for Safe Streets is a 501(c)(3) organization. This candidate questionnaire is strictly educational and has been shared with all candidates and the public. By law, our organization is strictly prohibited from participating in, or intervening in (including the publishing or distribution of statements), any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office.

If you would like to view a more extensive set of candidate responses covering additional topics of 1) Housing for All, 2) Climate Mitigation, Resilience, and Green Spaces, and 3) Food Security, please visit

Note: The Chair, Dranesville, Mason, Mount Vernon, and Springfield races have candidates running in a June Democratic primary.

DistrictNameSentResponse Received
Chair** Downing, Lisa (D)Yes (4/19)No response to date
Chair** McKay, Jeff (D), incumbentYes (4/11)VIEW RESPONSE
ChairPurves, Arthur (R)Yes (4/19)No response to date
BraddockWalkinshaw, James (D), incumbentYes (4/11)VIEW RESPONSE
DranesvilleAhluwalia, Puneet (R)Yes (4/11)No response to date
Dranesville** Bierman, Jimmy (D)Yes (4/11)No response to date
Dranesville** Fiske, David (D)Yes (4/11)No response to date
FranconiaBeran, Paul F (R)Yes (4/11)No response to date
FranconiaLusk, Rodney (D), incumbentYes (4/11)No response to date
Hunter MillWalter Alcorn (D), incumbentYes (4/11)No response to date
Mason** Allen, Jeremy (D)Yes (4/11)No response to date
Mason** Jimenz, Andres (D)Yes (4/11)No response to date
Mason** Lee, Steve (D)Yes (4/11)No response to date
Mason** Voss, Reid (D)Yes (4/11)No response to date
Mount Vernon** Storck, Dan (D), incumbentYes (4/11)No response to date
Mount Vernon** Zermeno, Maritza (D)Yes (4/19)No response to date
ProvidencePalchik, Dalia (D), incumbentYes (4/11)No response to date
SpringfieldFoley, Corazon (I/G)Yes (4/11)No response to date
SpringfieldHerrity, Pat (R), incumbentYes (4/11)No response to date
Springfield** Nowadly, John James (D)Yes (4/11)No response to date
Springfield** Vega, Albert (D)Yes (4/11)No response to date
SullyElliott, Keith (R)Yes (4/19)VIEW RESPONSE
SullySmith, Kathy (D), incumbentYes (4/11)No response to date

** candidates running in June Democratic primary

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