On Tuesday, July 16th, AFSS celebrated its second anniversary, with 55 guests in attendance to make for a fun (albeit hot) evening. Among our guests were State Senator Adam Ebbin, Mayor Justin Wilson, Councilman Mo Seifeldein, Councilwoman Del Pepper, Police Chief Mike Brown, and the Superintendent of Alexandria City Public Schools Dr. Gregory Hutchings plus AFSS Board Members and many of our friends.    

AFSS’s founder Mike Doyle with the Superintendent of Alexandria City Public Schools Dr. Gregory Hutchings
AFSS’s founder Mike Doyle with State Senator Adam Ebbin

During this event, AFSS touched on both what it has accomplished in the past year and what it plans on accomplishing in the coming year. AFSS’s accomplishments include:

  • Public outreach to over 1,500 citizens in our community through farmers’ markets, civic associations meeting and events like the World Day of Remembrance march,
  • Educating over 2,000 students at ACPS about street safety,
  • Collecting close to 100 people filling out our Near-Miss and Dangerous Intersection survey, and
  • Advocating for safe street practices in Richmond as well as with City authorities.

AFSS has accomplished a lot, but it still has room to grow. In the coming year, AFSS’s ambitions include:

  • Creating a walking club that mixes street safety practices with topics such as history / architecture, etc.  
  • Explore initiating Families for Safe Streets chapters in Arlington and Fairfax,
  • Introduce the VisionHero street safety education program that is tailored for middle & high school students,
  • Elevate the near-miss survey that is currently on our Web page into a mobile app, and
  • Continue our safe streets advocacy for improved regulations in Richmond, the Governor’s office and with our City’s representatives.

AFSS was proud to see that The Alexandria Gazette ran a front-page article about AFSS’s 2nd Anniversary Celebration as well as listed our goals for the next year in its July 17th edition.