The purpose of the 2022 Fairfax County Safe Streets Report is to bring awareness to the long-standing and increasing risks to the safety of pedestrians, bicyclists, and other vulnerable road users. All those living, working, going to school, shopping, or just traveling through Fairfax County deserve safe mobility via all modes of transportation. Fairfax Families for Safe Streets (Fairfax FSS) seeks the elimination of crash fatalities and serious injuries involving all vulnerable road users.

Years of underfunding of critical projects and lack of sufficient attention to pedestrian safety in new projects and development has led to increasing systemic risk for pedestrian safety.

There were a record 32 pedestrian crash fatalities in Fairfax County during 2022, and an additional 53 serious pedestrian injuries from crashes. The number of fatalities in 2022 was significantly higher than recent years and higher than the long-term annual average.

The level of pedestrian fatalities, pedestrian serious injuries, and near miss incidents highlight the urgent need for greater attention by our elected leaders for comprehensive and effective solutions.

2022 Fairfax County Safe Streets Annual Report

Our elected leaders are entrusted to implement policies, oversee practices, and allocate financial and human resources that affect the safety of all community members. VDOT controls the vast majority of the roads in Fairfax County and with that authority comes accountability. Fairfax FSS seeks effective solutions from our elected officials and State Department of Transportation, measurable and transparent goal setting, and clear accountability for results. Each pedestrian fatality is preventable. A greater level of commitment and urgency along with strong leadership is needed to ensure all priority projects are fully funded and completed in a timely manner. Making greater investments today for community safety will save lives tomorrow.