Thanks to everyone that was able to attend this year’s event. Did you miss it? Check out our recap.

Please join us on Sunday, November 19, 2023 at 1pm at Wakefield High School in Arlington, VA as we acknowledge and remember Northern Virginia’s victims of road traffic violence and advocate for prevent and eventually stop road traffic deaths and injuries. Attendance is open to the public.

Our program will include words from families of victims of road traffic violence, local elected leaders and/or officials, and a ceremony to remember the 18 pedestrians killed by people driving in Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax over the last year.

Learn more about World Day of Remembrance (WDoR) in the US:

Keynote Speakers

  • VA Delegate Kathy Tran, 18th District
  • Arlington County Police Chief, Andy Penn
  • City Alexandria Mayor, Justin Wilson
  • Fairfax County Deputy Executive, Rachel Flynn
  • Arlington County Public Schools Chief of Staff, Stephen Linkous

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Pedestrian Fatalities in Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax Counties in 2023 (to date)

  1. 3/24/2023, Ana Julia Acosta De Ostorga, Female, 58 years old (Fairfax County, Seven Corners)
  2. 3/30/2023, Samantha Jennings-Jones, Female, 36 years old (Fairfax County, Groveton)
  3. 4/7/2023, Philip Hester, Male, 62 years old (Fairfax County, Alexandria area)
  4. 5/8/2023, Ashley Boardman, Female, 23 years old (Fairfax County, Reston)
  5. 5/22/2023, Susan Hamlin, Female, 71 years old (Arlington County, 4800 block King Street)
  6. 7/8/2023, Luis Fernando Jimenez Rodriguez, Male, 26 years old (Fairfax County, Bailey’s Crossroads)
  7. 8/11/2023, Brigitte Forster, Female, 86 years old (Fairfax County, McLean)
  8. 9/24/2023, Douglas C. Haskett II, Male, 55 years old (Fairfax County, Falls Church)
  9. 10/7/2023, Eder Machado Aleman, Male, 36 years old (Fairfax County, Woodlawn)
  10. 10/23/2023, Khalid Magan, Male, 27 years old (Fairfax County, Reston)

Pedestrian Fatalities in Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax Counties in 2022 following last year’s event on 11/20/22

  1. 11/15/22, Ly Tran, Female, 70 years old (Fairfax County, Braddock Road)
  2. 11/29/22, Jacinto Chavez Ramos, Male, 29 years old (Fairfax County, Centerville)
  3. 11/30/22, Rich Alburger, Male, 41 years old (Fairfax County, I-495)
  4. 12/4/22, MD Kamrul Hassan, Male, 66 years old (Fairfax County, Falls Church)
  5. 12/8/22, Jonathan Franzell, Male, 32 years old (Fairfax County, location unknown)
  6. 12/18/22, Tomas Escudero Machado, Male, 76 years old (Fairfax County, Falls Church)
  7. 12/19/22, name not disclosed, Male, unknown age (Fairfax County)
  8. 12/21/22, Kim Hampton, Female, 72 years old (Fairfax County, Alexandria area)

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