Our Mission

Northern Virginia Families for Safe Streets (NoVA FSS) works in Alexandria, Arlington and Fairfax County to bring an end to pedestrian and cyclist fatalities and injuries caused by motor vehicle drivers.

Why is there a North Virginia Families for Safe Streets (NoVA FSS)?

Mike Doyle founded NoVA FSS in 2017 after he survived being struck by the driver of a car while walking in a crosswalk in Old Town Alexandria. Mike and a small group of friends and neighbors started their advocacy by successfully lobbying the City of Alexandria to publish a Vision Zero plan.

How does NoVA FSS make us safer?

Our outreach programs through schools, neighborhood associations and community institutions, explain to drivers, walkers and cyclists how they can all contribute to a reduction in crashes. 

  • We educate local and state government leaders on their responsibility to invest funds and pass legislation that can end the epidemic of traffic-related deaths and injuries. 
  • We encourage police to enforce existing speed and driver safety laws that can reduce crashes. 
  • We are “the squeaky wheel” with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and county departments of transportation – having ongoing conversations and serving on commissions and panels that focus on bringing short and long term traffic safety solutions to roads that have a high volume of incidents where motor vehicle drivers are crashing into people. 
  • We crowd-source information on dangerous locations through our Near Miss Survey to advocate for actions that improve pedestrian and cyclist safety before serious accidents occur.

Who is NoVA FSS?

Our membership is open to anyone who wants to ensure the safety of their children, family, friends and themselves when walking and biking. We are crash survivors, concerned community members, as well as professionals engaged in transportation and smart growth planning. 

What you can do

NoVA FSS is a non-profit organization that is run entirely by volunteers. We need your help. Find out how you can help with in-person and digital advocacy and outreach. And donations are a big help in supporting all of our efforts!