Want to help us make our streets safer? We can definitely use your help!

Who are we looking for?

Everyone who has an interest in helping make our streets safer!

Here are where many of our current volunteers come from today:

  • Students, scouts and youth group members looking for community service hours
  • Residents with a growing concern about their kids and families who walk or cycle to school, work, stores and public transit stops
  • Planning and smart growth professionals with expertise to lend us when we speak to transportation, police and legislative representatives
  • Survivors of traffic-related crashes and loved ones of those who have been killed or injured and who can share the stories about the human toll and price we pay
  • Community development association members who understand the value of supporting to businesses and resources

What skill sets are we looking for?

Everyone who has time, energy and enthusiasm to help us make our streets safer!

Many of our current volunteers help us by:

  • translating content into languages spoken throughout our community
  • staffing outreach tables at farmers markets, events and spreading the word in your community
  • writing articles and content for publication in local media and on our web site
  • spreading the word on social media to their friends and online communities
  • creating graphics for our online and offline outreach efforts
  • analyzing data from our Near Miss traffic incident GIS database and developing our data visualization capabilities
  • maintaining our web site and improving our digital communications and engagement, such as creating short form video for social media distribution

Volunteer Interest

Volunteer Interest

I'd like to volunteer

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