We collect information provided by survey respondents regarding “near misses” and “dangerous intersections” that they have experienced or observed.  We also collect identifying information if voluntarily provided, including name, physical address, email address, and phone number.   

Anonymized near miss / dangerous intersection data will be shared with local Police and Transportation Departments at the respective Municipality, and also other transportation focused organizations both public and private, to identify locations with potential safety issues or a pattern of reckless driver behavior.  We may also publish the anonymized data on our website or elsewhere.  Name, physical address, and phone number are not accessible by anyone save the NoVA FSS individual maintaining the database where the information is stored.  That information is used only to contact you if we have questions about your submission.

Email addresses are added to our mailing list so that you can receive information and updates from us.  Our mailing list is managed through MailChimp, and their privacy policy is available here: https://mailchimp.com/legal/privacy/.   

NoVA FSS is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization.  Donations are received via PayPal; in connection with those donations we receive the amount of the donation and the name and the email address of the donor (thank you).  

At any point you may contact us at contact@novafss.org if you would like to confirm, correct, or remove information that you have provided to us, or opt out of our mailing list.  We do not rent or sell our mailing list or our list of donors.

Please note that if required to by law, we will provide any of the information that we have collected to legal authorities.