The Problem: Each year, more than 40,000 people — the population of a small city — are needlessly killed on American roads and thousands more are injured. We call this suffering traffic “accidents” — but, in reality, we have the power to prevent traffic collisions.

The significant loss of life exacts a tragic toll, extending beyond personal loss to deep community impacts, including: personal economic costs and emotional trauma to those suffering; and significant taxpayer spending on emergency response and long-term healthcare costs. And because so many fear for their safety on our streets, there is no true freedom of mobility, and, as a result, we compromise our public health with increasing rates of sedentary diseases and higher carbon emissions.

Every year OUR community suffers injuries and deaths due to unsafe driving:

  • An average of 88 pedestrians and cyclist were struck and injured annually (2017-2019)
  • Approximately 2/3 of the injured were pedestrians
  • On average, vehicles crashing into 4 pedestrians / bikers have been killed per year over the past 3 years.  The majority of deaths were pedestrians 
  • Death and injury on our streets are unacceptable and preventable

Two main factors that lead to tragic, but preventable injuries:

  • SPEED: Speed is responsible the same number of pedestrian injuries as driving under the influence. Traffic speed is the strongest predictor of whether a person is seriously injured or killed when hit by a car.
  • FAILURE TO YIELD: Motorists often do not yield to pedestrians, especially when vehicles are turning. A “failure to yield” to people in crosswalks accounts for the majority of crashes into people walking.

Vision Zero: A data-driven, multidisciplinary strategy that works to address the many factors contributing to safe mobility, including roadway design, speeds, behaviors, technology and policies, and in doing so eliminate all traffic fatalities and injuries.