• Cross the street at crosswalks and intersections whenever possible
  • Watch for turning vehicles — look left, right, and left again
  • Use pushbuttons (where provided) and wait for the walk signal
  • Be visible — wear something light (white, yellow) or reflective after dark. Wear reflectors and carry a small flashlight.
  • Watch out for blind spots around trucks and buses
  • Stay off the road as a pedestrian. If there is no sidewalk available, it is recommended to avoid that road entirely.
  • Stay alert to your surroundings and listen for cars and cyclists
  • Be proactive — during daylight hours, practice the “Project Wave” method.  Before crossing the street, stop, look, and wave.  If a car is present or approaching, wave to the driver.  When the driver waves back, you know that both you and the driver are engaged so it is safe to cross the street.


  • Don’t walk and use mobile devices
  • Don’t wear earphones in both ears