2023 is an election year and Democratic primaries are just around the corner. Ffx FSS wants to help you make an informed decision about the candidates who will work the hardest on your behalf to make our county’s streets safe for everyone. 

 Who are the candidates who are making safe streets a priority?

We asked all Board of Supervisors candidates to explain their positions on five important Sustainable Transportation topics. 

You can read their responses on our new 2023 Voter Resources page. 

Democratic candidates will participate in a June 20th primary to determine who will run in the general election on November 7th. Early voting begins today (May 5th), so now is the time to do your research! Democratic primaries will select candidates for the Dranesville, Mason, Mount Vernon, and Springfield District races. Winners of the June Democratic primary will run against Republican and/or Independent candidates on November 7th.

If you’d like to see how candidates stand on other important issues, please visit Fairfax Healthy Communities network. Ffx FSS is a member of the FHC network and works with FHC organizations to promote safe streets and sustainable transportation goals.

And… if you haven’t already… make sure you register to vote!

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About NoVA FSS: Northern Virginia Families for Safe Streets’ goal is to bring communities together to create streets that are safe for people of all ages, abilities, and modes of travel by sharing impact stories to increase public awareness and understanding, educating people driving, walking, and biking on safe behavior, educating public policymakers, and advocating for measures to make our streets safer.  NoVA FSS has chapters in Alexandria, Arlington and Fairfax counties.