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Author: Scott Gelman |

October 25, 2023, 2:45 PM

Since the new school year started in August, thousands of drivers have been caught speeding by cameras placed near eight Fairfax County, Virginia, schools, according to police data obtained by WTOP.

In August and September, nearly 13,000 drivers were caught going 10 or more miles per hour above the posted speed limit. Over 3,500 speeders were caught in August, and over 9,300 were identified in September.

Since April, when the county initiative started, more than 55,000 drivers were caught speeding. However, a Fairfax County police spokesman said the department doesn’t yet have the latest data regarding whether the cameras have resulted in reduced speeds on some roads. In July, Capt. Alan Hanson said preliminary results were encouraging, with an approximate 24% drop in speeds at most locations.

The 10 speed cameras were installed near eight Fairfax County schools in February, with the goal of reducing speeds on nearby roads. Speeders started receiving warnings until about April 10.

Speeders going to 10 to 14 mph over the speed limit get a $50 civil penalty. Those who speed by 15 to 19 mph get a $75 fine, and drivers going 20 or more mph over the speed limit get a $100 ticket.

The camera on eastbound Franconia Road near Francis Scott Key Middle School caught the most speeders in April through June, and that trend continued in July, August and September, according to police data.

In August, it caught 1,612 speeders, and it identified more than 2,800 in September.

Since the spring, the most speeders, 19,279, were caught in July.

Through September, the county has received more than $562,000 in revenue from speed camera violations.

The cameras are located near Chesterbrook Elementary School, London Towne Elementary, Sleepy Hollow Elementary, Terraset Elementary, South County High School, Francis Scott Key Middle, Irving Middle and West Springfield High.

This fiscal year, the county’s looking to add 40 more sites to the speed camera program, Hanson, with Fairfax County police, previously said.

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