Winter is headed our way, along with holidays and inclement weather. It’s time to double down on our efforts and ensure that our streets are safe for us all, regardless of how we get to where we’re going. Check out our Fall Newsletter about recent accomplishments and activities with AFSS.

Fairfax Families for Safe Streets signed onto a letter of support thanking the Fairfax Board of Supervisors for resolution unanimously approved at the October 5 Board meeting that calls for expediting funding and implementation of much needed pedestrian and bicyclist safety improvements in the County.

Thank you for your interest in Arlington Families for Safe Streets (FSS), one chapter of Northern Virginia Families for Safe Streets, alongside Alexandria and Fairfax. This is a new format for our newsletter! We’ll keep it simple, and to start, we invite you to please let us know at any time what you’d like to hear more about from us…

Here is our latest newsletter: On behalf of the Board of Directors of AFSS, thank you, the community of Alexandria, for your support. We couldn’t have accomplished half of the projects that we’ve undertaken to make our streets safer without so many terrific volunteers helping us. In this edition of our AFSS newsletter, we’ll share our accomplishments in 2020, what we’re working toward in2021 regarding expanding the Families for Safe Streets regional network, our “Near Miss” survey extension, and more.