Ffx FSS advocates for specific Rt 7 safety improvements that support the Culmore community located between Baileys Crossroads and Seven Corners, one of the most dangerous corridors in Fairfax County for pedestrians and cyclists. Read the full letter below, and find out how you can get involved: August 25, 2022Ms. Houda AliVirginia Department of TransportationNorthern Virginia District4975 Alliance DriveFairfax, Virginia 22030Sent via: meetingcomments@vdot.virginia.gov RE: Comments on Culmore Pedestrian Safety   Dear Ms. Ali,  The Fairfax Families for Safe Streets (FfxFSS) would like to submit these comments to the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and Fairfax County Department of Transportation (FCDOT) on recommendations for pedestrian safety improvements

“Seven years ago, the District of Columbia made an ambitious commitment: It would aim to eliminate traffic deaths in the city by 2024. Christened Vision Zero, the program prompted other cities and jurisdictions in the region to follow, instituting several projects, like reducing speed limits, adding more protected bike lanes, and other safety infrastructure. “But all over the D.C. area, the project has failed. Not only have traffic deaths persisted — they’ve reached their highest numbers in nearly 15 years.” Read the full article

Winter is headed our way, along with holidays and inclement weather. It’s time to double down on our efforts and ensure that our streets are safe for us all, regardless of how we get to where we’re going. Check out our Fall Newsletter about recent accomplishments and activities with Arlington FSS.

Thank you for your interest in Arlington Families for Safe Streets (FSS), one chapter of Northern Virginia Families for Safe Streets, alongside Alexandria and Fairfax. This is a new format for our newsletter! We’ll keep it simple, and to start, we invite you to please let us know at any time what you’d like to hear more about from us…

Here’s to three years of pedestrian safety advocacy! We are excited to share our accomplishments with you in our Summer 2020 newsletter: Walkability audits of uncontrolled crosswalks Extension of our “Near Miss” survey to Arlington Successfully advocating for new traffic legislation, including a handheld phone ban Letter to the editor regarding racial justice and traffic enforcement New Families for Safe Streets chapters in Arlington and Fairfax Read the full account of our advocacy endeavors in the document attached above. As always, thank you for your support.